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Welcome to our kitchen showroom blog! We’re excited to share our passion for kitchen design and all things culinary. Our blog is the perfect place to find inspiration and ideas for your dream kitchen.

Whether you’re renovating your existing kitchen or starting from scratch, our team of experts is here to guide you through the process. We’ll share the latest design trends, innovative storage solutions, and expert tips on how to create a functional and stylish kitchen.

image of alocos dublin based kitchen showroom

Luxury Kitchens Ireland: Visit Our Kitchen Showroom in Dublin

Located in the heart of Dublin, Aloco Kitchens’ showroom is a destination for those searching for the finest luxury kitchens Ireland has to offer. As leading designers and suppliers of high-end, custom-crafted kitchens, Aloco Kitchens combines quality Irish artisanship with contemporary innovations in kitchen design.

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image of a sanded kitchen worktop for blog how to sand a kitchen worktop
Kitchen Appliances

How to sand a kitchen worktop? 2023

For all you avid home improvement fanatics who want to know how to sand a kitchen worktop, this guide is here to help.  There are many reasons you may wish to sand a kitchen worktop, a new feel, to reduce the size and many more.

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image showing how a quooker tap works by showing a man in red shirt turning the tap facett and water coming out boiling

How does a Quooker tap work?

Quooker taps work by primarily dispensing boiling water at the touch of a button, historically Quooker taps only dispensed boiling water, but with variations on the design, some Quooker taps now dispense sparkling still chilled water.

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an image taken from the how much do quooker taps cost brochure
How much does a Quooker tap cost?

Quooker has a wide range of products. Their taps range from €1410 – €2090 depending on the style and type of tap you select, but you cannot take this price at face value as there are also many accessories

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