How much to design a kitchen? Ultimate 2024 Guide

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In this comprehensive guide, we will look to answer the age-old question “How much to design a kitchen?”. Although this question is often poised as if it can provide a direct answer, the truth is, it cannot. Prices of designing a kitchen, much like installing one, depend on many varying factors – How big is the kitchen, How many Fixed Appliances, How Old Are the foundations, etc, etc?

In this guide, we will aim to provide you with all the varying metrics and obstacles that increase and decrease the cost of designing a kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Renovations & their Costs

The first and most substantial price variable is the physical kitchen elements, from floors, windows, ceilings and doors all of these facets will make a big difference to the overall price.

Cabinet Replacement

Replacing cabinets can range from €2,000 to €10,000 depending on the materials, number of cabinets, and complexity of the project. Custom or high-end cabinets will be more expensive.

Kitchen Floor Replacement

New flooring can range between €800 to €3,000 depending on the size of the kitchen and materials used like tile, wood, or vinyl.

Countertop Replacement

Countertop replacement costs €1,500 to €3,500 on average. The cost depends on the surface material – laminate is cheaper while granite, quartz, and marble are premium options.

Kitchen Appliance Replacement

Replacing major appliances like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers or ovens can cost between €2,000 to €5,000. High-end brands and speciality appliances are more expensive.

Kitchen Lighting Replacement

Lighting an average kitchen with pendant lights, under cabinet lighting etc can range from €800 to €2,000. Smart lighting is more expensive.

Factors that Can Affect Kitchen Renovation Costs in Ireland

Size of the kitchen – Larger kitchens require more materials and labour.

Choice of materials – Premium materials like granite countertops or custom cabinets cost more.

Energy efficiency – Energy-saving insulation, windows and appliances add to costs.

Layout changes – Moving plumbing, gas lines or electrical wiring adds labour costs.

Contractor rates – Prices vary based on contractor skill, experience and location.

Is Kitchen Remodelling Worth it?

Kitchen remodels require a significant investment, but can greatly improve functionality, aesthetics and quality of life. Key benefits include:

Increased home value – Kitchen remodels offer the highest ROI of any home improvement.

Improved efficiency – New layouts, countertops and storage solutions lead to better organisation.

Enhanced safety – Upgrading electrical systems and replacing appliances reduces hazards.

Greater enjoyment – More space and better lighting create an inviting cooking environment.

In general, minor kitchen updates every 10-15 years can maintain quality. Full remodels every 20-30 years modernise the space entirely.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Kitchen Remodelling?

Here are some tips to lower costs for your kitchen renovation:

  • Replace cabinets rather than fully remove them if they are in good condition. Just replace doors and hardware.
  • Keep existing flooring if suitable and refinish it.
  • Install mid-priced countertops like quartz instead of premium natural stone.
  • Focus on essential upgrades like storage, appliances and lighting rather than ornamental changes.
  • Shop sales and clearance for fixtures and appliances.
  • Use a contractor that offers competitive pricing.

Tips for Choosing a Contractor for Your Renovation Project

Hiring the right kitchen contractor ensures an efficient, high-quality remodel. Consider these tips:

Get References

Check online reviews and talk to previous customers about their experience. Also, online resources such as Trustpilot, google and Trusted Trader can be invaluable resources.

Meet the Contractor

Interview 2-3 potential contractors in person and get a written estimate.

Get Quotes

Get at least three quotes to compare pricing for your project scope.

Check Insurance and Licensing

Verify the contractor has up-to-date insurance and licensing for your area.

Sign a Contract

Have a detailed contract clearly outlining the timeline, warranties, payment schedule, etc.


Kitchen remodels require significant investment, but with proper planning, most homeowners can achieve their dream kitchen within their budget. Define your needs, research costs and contractors thoroughly, and consider ways to maximise value. With strategic decisions throughout the process, you can realise an efficient, functional and beautiful kitchen space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Ireland?

This can vary between an average cost of  5000 – 25,000

How can I reduce my kitchen renovation cost?

As mentioned above the best way to reduce costs is to conduct some work yourself. 

Does a kitchen renovation add value to my home?

Yes, the kitchen offers the highest ROI of any home renovation project.

How long does a typical kitchen renovation take in Ireland?

I kitchen renovation can take anywhere between 1 week and several months depending on the project scope.

Are there permits needed for a kitchen renovation in Ireland?

Most minor kitchen renovations in Ireland do not require permits.

Are bespoke kitchens more expensive to renovate?

While bespoke kitchens involve a greater upfront investment, the benefits justify the cost for many homeowners. The end result is a kitchen tailored to your needs that feels cohesive from top to bottom.

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